The CSLE + COVA Model

Creating Significant Learning Environments is another focus within the Digital Learning & Leading program. It is a Student Centered approach to designing, assessing, supporting and creating quality lessons. Dr. Harapnuik best explains this concept in his video below.

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The COVA Model works through four aspects: Choice, Ownership and Voice through Authentic Learning. Throughout the Digital Learning & Leading Program, we are using this approach as we build assignments for each course. I look forward to working through this model as it has already given me plenty of opportunities for authentic learning through my choice and ownership! Below is a great video from Dr. Harapnuik that explains how the COVA Approach works.

Harapnuik, Dwayne. (2018, February 13). COVA Approach. Retrieved from

According to Dr. Harapnuik, CSLE+COVA is “the synergy of creating significant learning environments by providing learners choice, ownership, and voice through authentic learning opportunities (Harapnuik. n.d.)” In his short video below, he explains how the two models work together.

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