This is list of web resources that I have used while completing assignments and building this website for the Digital Learning & Leading Program. This page will be updated as I move throughout the DLL program with Lamar University.

Student Resources

Mendeley – A free software program that helps to organize your research articles and assist with creating your works cited information.

Digital Creation Sites

Powtoon – Great for making short educational videos in the form of cartoons!

Canva – Make infographics, logos and more!

Adobe Spark – Create impactful graphics, web pages and video stories!

Ed Puzzle – Just found this site through my school district. It is a great way of using videos from YouTube, Khan Academy and tons of other trusted sites for building into your class lesson. It’s FREE to teachers and very user friendly!

Educational Technology Websites

Edutopia – A great resource for any K-12 educator with multiple topics discussed. Join their email list to get a weekly update on new articles!

EdWeek – Another great resource for keeping up to date with current events going on in education around our country. Check out Digital Directions for specific articles pertaining to digital learning. – Another great resource for joining PLN’s, earning professional development through webinars. All of these are offered FREE of charge.

Growth Mindset Resources

Mindset Works – A good resource for finding training opportunities in building growth mindset techniques.

Mindset Online – A great resource for understanding what the Growth Mindset is all about.


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