My Learning Philosophy


My 4 Core Beliefs for Digital Learning

1. Technology should be in every classroom.

Technology is a part of just about every aspect of our world now. Therefore, I believe technology should be a part of every core classroom so that all students can have the opportunity to practice and develop the technological skills needed to be prepared for a 21st century job.

student ipad 013 - Brad Flickinger
Student ipad 013 image. Courtesy of Brad Flickenger. September 15, 2010

2. Technology in the classroom should have purpose.

Our campus community should be able to answer the “why” we are using a specific tech tool. If new technology is introduced into my classroom, I must know the why I need it and how is it going to help my students. If I can’t get those answered, it should not be implemented into my classroom at that time.

vr goggles
Image courtesy of Creative Commons

3. We as educators must build and foster adequate social behavior for the 21st century learner.

As technology advances, we cannot let our human interactions diminish. We are NOT robots and we should not act like them! As digital learning leaders, we need to make sure that we practice and promote building positive and meaningful relationships in the classroom and in society every day!

student volunteers removing exotic plants from Town Run
Image courtesy of Creative Commons

4. Digital citizenship needs to be a part of every school’s curriculum.

Anytime we touch a computer, laptop, phone or other device in the classroom, we have an opportunity to teach students about proper ways to navigate, communicate and share information on the web. We have to remember that just because students know how to use a device, it doesn’t mean they understand all the skills needed to be a good digital citizen. I think this needs to be intentional from Kindergarten all the way through higher education and beyond!

Image courtesy of Creative Commons