Wrapping Up 5303…

Image Courtesy of Free Photo Library

As I close out on my second course for the Digital Learning & Leading program, I want to take some time to reflect on my growth and what I hope to continue building on as I move forward.

In the Applying Educational Technology: Portfolio course with Lamar, I was given five weeks to reflect and refine my previous assignments from my Concepts of Educational Technology course. As each week progressed, we were also encouraged to reflect on our readings through blog postings. My postings included: “Getting Started with ePortfolios,” “4 Reasons Why You Should Use an ePortfolio,” and “Who Owns the Projects in an ePortfolio?”. I shared each one on social media via Twitter and was pleasantly surprised to get some hits on the “4 Reasons…” post. I look forward to reflecting more in the future by using the blogging format.

Reflecting on my previous assignments, I ultimately decided to not refine my Growth Mindset Assignment, but I did refine the presentation format on my site. I was able to embed the PowerPoint file into the page which allows my viewers to see the presentation instead of having to open and/or download the file. I also decided to upload an infographic that I had previously created with Canva as part of the original assignment. I thought it would be a good addition to the site page for the audience to see.

My Learning Manifesto was something that I did refine from its original version. I decided to break the original assignment into three separate and shorter length videos. I used Powtoon to create each of the three videos and I used Audacity to create my voice-over. My Learning Philosophy & 4 Core Beliefs can be found under the “About the Coach” tab. Emerging Issues in Education Technology & My Take on the State of Education can both be found under my Project tab. I wanted to break the assignment apart because I thought it might be a great idea to separate my philosophy and core beliefs section from the rest of the assignment so that I could put that in my biography area of my website.

I built a separate page for My Professional Learning Networks that can be found under the “About the Coach” tab on my site. I did modify the page some as I added Twitter to my list and it will continue to change this page as I connect with more learning networks in the future.

Two areas of interest that you may find on my site are the Resources page and Professional Experience page. I want to continue adding more web sites to my Resources page that may be beneficial to my audience for future assignments, lesson building, and growing in the education profession. Another is my Professional Experience page where I hope to engage my audience with my professional background, education and resume.

I want to thank all of my classmates and Dr. Ybarra for the great feedback that I received throughout EDLD 5303. Many of the suggestions were implemented into my website and they were very crucial to my growth as a learner. I look forward to receiving more feedback from future viewers and classmates that will allow me to grow even more as a digital learning leader for the future!


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