Who Owns the Projects in an ePortfolio?

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Who owns the work within an ePortfolio?

Through many of the web articles for this week, I have begun to get a clearer picture of who “can” own the ePortfolio through significant learning environments. In chapter 4 of the COVA eBook, Dr. Harapnuik really helped me to gain the concept with his Google map story and how his two boys tend to use the app differently. It makes me think of how we can choose to own our learning experience or simply follow step by step instructions to reach a predetermined destination. This simple analogy got me thinking about how life experiences impact us so much! I know we have all failed at things and had to “learn the hard way” as our parents may have put it. What made us make those choices instead of just “listening” to their words of wisdom? I know for me, I wanted to OWN the experience for myself. There was no way that someone else’s experience was going to impact my way of thinking unless I was able to experience that particular thing for myself. The same works for our students today and I really don’t see it ever changing.

Most people, whether it is in education or in other facets of life, want to learn from personal experiences, not someone else’s experience when the learning is personally meaningful to that particular person. When I think about the CSLE+COVA model and how the ownership has the ability to shift from a teacher centered to learner centered outcome, I get really excited about the possibilities that this could have on future generations of learners.

I like how many colleges around the country including Davidson College and University of Mary Washington are approaching using ePortfolios as part of student learning, but as Andrew Rikard said, we have to make sure that the learning is significant and there is true ownership in the required postings (2015). UMW has taken it a step forward to push for students owning their own domains (Watters, 2015). This is a great move toward true ownership as the domain is transferred over to the students after graduation for use as in students’ professional careers.

As we continue to move forward in the program, I hope to see more of the CSLE+COVA model in action. I am excited to choose, own and use my voice through authentic learning in order to create an innovative significant learning environment for my school and future students.


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