4 Reasons Why You Should Use an ePortfolio

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I have found that I am taking a stronger and more comfortable stance each day in using an ePortfolio not just for my master’s program, but for my personal benefit as well. Some reasons why using an ePortfolio are beneficial include self-reflection through blogging, modelling growth patterns for others to see, building a network of professionals that will help to create meaningful relationships for future collaboration opportunities and last, using the ePortfolio for what it is, a tool for future employers to see your current and past work as well as your potential in future jobs!

1. Self-Reflection

Blogging has the ability to really teach us about ourselves. I really like the idea of self-reflection as a way of learning. We can see patterns of growth as we look back at our previous posts and build upon those to learn more about new concepts and technologies. Some of the best parts about blogging is that we can receive feedback from others that read them! The Action Research Cycles image is a great way of seeing the process. It is a never-ending cycle of Reflect, Plan, Act, Observe and start over (Action Research, nd). I look forward to receiving feedback from colleagues, classmates and future students that may help me see things from different point of views that will help grow me as a professional.

2. Alternative to Standardized Tests

Eportfolios may very well be the next alternative to standardized testing in the future. As digital learning leaders, we have to be able to properly model how an ePortfolio works and be able to guide teachers and students in building an ePortfolio. The experience that we are learning right now in building our own ePortfolio is preparing us for a future job description! Not only will we be able to guide future learners on how to build, but we’ll have tangible evidence of what an ePortfolio looks like!

3. Networking Opportunities

Another great reason for using an ePortfolio is to help build a network of professionals to collaborate with on current issues and potentially future work opportunities. There is nothing I see that is more important than building relationships to help us and others grow professionally and personally. Building a network of professionals will allow us to use the “Power of Pull” as stated by Joi Ito in his TED Talk. The idea of “pulling” the resources from the network as you need them instead of trying to have and control everything within your own self (TED, 2014). I love this idea! I don’t have to know everything in order to accomplish everything, I just need to have a network of people that are willing to help me grow and vice versa when questions or problems arise! What better way to show others your current set of skills and network them out than through an ePortfolio!

4. Future Job Opportunities

I can’t wait to see the benefits that my ePortfolio will have on future job opportunities. The fact that we are creating a digital profile for future employers to see is really exciting for me! I haven’t secured an educational technology job with a school district yet so this is even more important to me that I build up an engaging portfolio for future opportunities that may arise.


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