Getting Started with ePortfolios

getting started
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The process of building my first ePortfolio in EDLD 5302 was quite an exciting experience. Though there were some requirements for what was needed in the initial review of our portfolio, we were really given a lot of freedom to choose, own and create an image of ourselves through our platform. As I have read through the articles from Dr. Harapnuik, I am seeing some paths to navigate in the coming weeks that will allow me to build a stronger and more professional digital voice of myself. I really like the recommendations that he made about specific sections to include in an ePortfolio. These sections will be a great way of getting started on improving my own ePortfolio, but I definitely feel like I will need more feedback in the next couple of weeks to help me move forward in this process. I will lean heavily on my fellow classmates and professor for valuable feedback in building up a better portfolio.

The minimalist fundamentals of eportfolios is a great way of approaching the manufacturing process of your ePortfolio. We have already been given some of the “What” and “How” products, but gaining a better understanding of the “Why” will help me and I think others in continuing to build up our portfolios long after the Digital Learning & Leading program is complete. When I first looked at the fundamentals to consider, I thought about them from a viewer’s perspective. How do we engage our future audience in a way that makes them want to view more, hire us, or even respond to our blogs? I look forward to digging into this question as we move forward!

I did struggle through and looked for some clarification on the “Who Owns the Eportfolio” article from Dr. Harapnuik. The statement about jumping through hoops from Barrett (2005) is what has me a little confused. I am beginning to better understand the COVA model, but I feel that if we as educators take away the “hoop” as what is seemed to be suggested, how will we or our students know how high to jump? What I mean is will we risk missing the point of what is being taught? Or as learners, will we risk not reaching our full potential by not having a tangible comparison or rubric that guides our path of learning? One fellow student helped me to understand this concept much better. Her explanation was simple, “we are letting them (students) construct their own box instead of trying to shove them into a pre-made box” (Davenport, 2018). Instead of simply forcing learners to adhere to specific requirements, the COVA model allows for creativity in the way that the learning experience can occur! The experience of building the project is where the ownership comes into play within the experience.

I’m not very confident in expressing my thoughts for the world to see, but after viewing the short clip of Godin & Peters, something hit home. What Tom Peters says about blogging “It’s the best…marketing tool by an order of magnitude” (YouTube, 2009). I can only imagine the opportunities that people around the world have created for themselves by stepping out and putting their words out for others to see. What better way to market yourself for future job opportunities than by putting your thoughts in a blog! This is something that I will selfishly look forward to growing with my portfolio.

Making meaningful connections is by far the most important aspect of building the portfolio, in my opinion. Throughout this program, I hope to connect many of the dots that have yet to be attached to something tangible and grow myself into a more well-rounded educational technology professional. As Seth Godin talks about in his Connecting Dots blog, I want to be an expert in my field and be able to make many meaningful connections with an array of concepts that I learn in this program as well as what I learn on my own. I am in the novice stages of this process, simply collecting dots, but with time, I hope to grow and not only connect my dots (thoughts) but share them with the world!


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