Growth Mindset & The COVA Model Impacts…

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As I wrap up my first course for the Digital Learning & Leading Program with Lamar University, it is a good time to reflect on the things that I have learned and will take with me as I move forward in the program. Throughout this process, I have felt more and more confident that I can do this and that the learning that is occurring will have a lasting impact for years to come! I want to personally thank Dr. Still for her guidance throughout this process. Thank you for always being positive in our communication and available throughout this entire course! It made a great learning environment and I hope that the other classes are just as friendly!

Several questions I’d like to address as I come to the conclusion of the Concepts of Educational Technology course are below.

How do I see the growth mindset impacting my learning in the DLL program?

Dr. Carol Dweck’s work on the growth mindset will have a lasting impact on my life. Her book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success has changed the way I approach many things, including my approach to the coursework in this program. As I read through this book, I was able to identify specific areas where my mindset needed some re-wiring. The most important strategy that I continue to use is Feedback. I constantly want to get feedback on how I can improve my course assignments or learning strategies so that I can be successful in this program. This strategy must include other people willing to give the feedback! My course professor will be the person I try to lean on the most when seeking feedback and my wife, who happens to be a librarian, will be my second option. The other students in this program have also created a great Facebook page that allows for some constructive feedback before we submit assignments.

Changing your mindset can be a process, but I know that with intentional practice and using the 4 Steps of Changing Your Mindset, anyone can go from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. In practicing these strategies, I hope to be able to pass on this type of mindset to my family, fellow educators and most importantly, the students I encounter everyday in my classroom.

The first assignment for this course was to create a Growth Mindset Plan for our organization. You can find the link to my plan here: Power of the Growth Mindset – Assignment #1. By putting this plan into action, some key points I believe are necessary: creating a leadership team to organize and provide guidance of the plan, promote the plan to others around campus, professional development for teachers to adequately implement growth mindset strategies, and feedback for moving the growth mindset plan forward.

How do I see the failing forward strategies impacting my learning in the DLL program?

This strategy, in it’s simplest form seems to be very easy to practice, in theory. Approaching failure as a tool for moving forward is a great way to see that learning does occur through failing, if you are able to gain feedback from your failed endeavor. In practice, I was able to see this strategy through in my first two assignments in building my Growth Mindset Plan and Learning Manifesto. In completing both assignments, I hit several snags and was able to receive feedback from one of my options that helped me in moving forward. Had I attempted these assignments before understanding this particular strategy, I may have not failed forward, but instead backward! I look forward to using this strategy in my future courses as I know it does work and that it is a great way of viewing obstacles and adversity. We no longer have to see the mountain in front of us as a reason to stop our trek, but as a way of learning new ways to climb.

Identifying and joining some Professional Learning Networks – Assignment #3 will be another way that I can learn new strategies for my campus classroom as well as this program. I look forward to collaborating with other teachers around the world that can help me fail forward!

How will the COVA Model impact my learning as I continue in the DLL program?

The COVA Model will probably have the most impact on me within the Digital Learning & Leading Program than either of the other two strategies because it will allow me to use my own voice throughout my coursework. The COVA Model stands for Choice, Ownership, Voice, & Authenticity of learning. As we moved through our first two assignments in EDLD 5302, I was given the “Choice” on how I wanted to approach each assignment. This approach to learning has been life changing in that I feel in control of my learning! I am able to take “Ownership” of the choice I make and it gives me the opportunity to use my distinct “Voice” in how I build my assignment.

Just as in building my Learning Manifesto – Assignment #2, I was able to choose any type of platform that I felt would best represent me. I ultimately chose to describe my learning philosophy through Powtoon. Although I had never used this web application before, I had seen some produced videos before and felt that this would be the best way to present myself. I took ownership in learning as much as I could about producing a good video prior to submitting the assignment. In implementing my “Voice” into this assignment, I wanted to physically be a part of the video, but also show visual images to keep the viewer engaged. This was a great learning experience and I look forward to using this web application more in the future for my classes in this program as well as on my campus!


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  1. carterstechtidbits March 11, 2018 / 10:01 pm

    “We no longer have to see the mountain in front of us as a reason to stop our trek, but as a way of learning new ways to climb.” I LOVE THIS!!!

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